Deep Space


mususi nyexan

Pull up through my crown traveling through the ground out comes a
earth covered me full of earth dangling down
Up through the sky in towards the moon
Waves hitting the earth fill of moonlight rays
With the competing sun
A drop let’s down falling forever till
It meets the rain from the clouds
And falls into the womb inside a baby the mothers water breaks
Elephant walking walking walking
To the ocean where the whales are swimming to the shore
They meet at the edge
And shine a shrine of sound
As a being comes down
They dance around and smack me with a bolt of sacred sound
Were ancient moving rock people bowing down
My hand starts to tingle
I shake it awake
Its awake beyond my grasp it floats over my body with its finger pointing up
Talking to home
My mind cannot comprehend the body of its own
The energy moves through me with my hands arms moving round
I feel no weight no effort no control
This motion is not me
I’m weightless
I accept
The sound of this energy moving through me
There is a power I do not own
This body is beyond
The sound it moves me
My arms and limbs shake involuntarily
Like a drug that feels holy
Returning to my feet
With my palms faced down holding to the ground so I don’t float away
out of this body
This body open now
From a place of deep space

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