kids on the train

These kids on the train get on the same carriage as me. And they may not be kids but it’s a good way to refer to 4 people with skateboards. 3 boys-seemingly gay, 1 girl. Kids on the train.

The skinny faintly boy sits right up next to me which becomes immediately noticeable as there are many other seats to spare. I notice my resistance to him as he seems sickly and I notice my sickly thoughts about him
He lures towards me and asks me if my plantain chips are any good.
Are those gooood ‘
My resistance drops away as I offer him
Yeah you want some?
He does and his friends laugh at him and penalize him so I offer them all some so that they don’t feel so bad about there friend getting all up in my bag of chips.
They too politely decline but I know and they know that they all really want a chip and the chip chasing boy says
I know I’m white but I’m ghetto. The other 3 are black and not ghetto.
The cool girl with her skateboard smiles coyly avoiding eye contact as we slow down into 14th street for my train transfer.
As I stand up I offer them some fruit from the Taoist temple
Skatecoy girls eyes light up and engage mine as she says
I’ll take a banana
ghetto white hollers you got any grapefruit
and I throw him a banana and say
It’s blessed.

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