Xango Dream

Dear Diary

I had a dream and I woke up remembering every detail some of which I want to tell you about.
I was sitting somewhere with people who didn’t seem to understand me and
suddenly shot out of my seat with a urge to walk up the mountain in front of me and a force was pushing me up the rock side steps leading somewhere I didn’t know
Behind me was a ocean with waves so big it appeared as if the energy of them were pushing me up the steps. The waves looked like they were coming to climb the mountainside too.
I was sure they were coming to wash over the lands below.
Almost running up the mountain with a power that was not only mine I reached a mountain cliff ledge with a cave and there I saw Xango Shola kneeling in a circle with 2 others. Alongside them were 3 others very still and somewhat stern in there seats.
On my arrival Xango immediately looked up and came to lead me in to 3 elders sitting looking out over the plains of the ocean and she told them that I am the one she was telling them about and I had come and that I am to join the ceremony.
I look, they look, I listen, they listen.
I think about the waves.
They had painted faces and resembled the San people but not only the San.
Something that I cant label exactly.
There were other stragglers around wanting and waiting to join the ceremony.
I looked to the seated painted elders and told them : The waves are coming.
To which they said Yes, not to worry.
They pointed to something behind that was no ordinary clock face apparatus floating in almost holographic form and only those who could see to what they were pointing to were able to partake in the ceremony.
Without me telling them that I could see they said we sea that you can see
And then they said that soon I will sea even more.
Some drums began with us stomping circling shaking around in smoke and morphing souls
Then they disappeared into the sacred cave.
Xango walked with me down the mountain and we were dancing and twirling while feeling relieved and slightly puzzled but she kept telling me
there would be more understanding to come.
The waves were still big and I wondered if we should be walking into them and we kept walking until we reached a cold and concrete train station and smiling silently Xango went to catch a train and I went another way to catch mine
Knowing that soon don’t know where don’t know when we would meet ceremoniously again.

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