After welcoming 2011 into being with tall sparklers on the front lawn of my grandparents house over looking the starlit ocean I went to the back of the house to wish Treasure a happy new year.
She looked up at me with her shaking body and I noticed that it was not a ordinary shake, it wasn’t even a fear of fireworks shake.
This shaking may be something she has been conditioned to for a while already and I don’t see her enough to know its normality.
I knelt down and lay my hands on the sides of her stomach while she looked me through the eyes
and even though she nor me could control the shaking there was a sense of comfort taken in my hands on her body.
I moved my hands to her head and the shaking stopped for 4 seconds before it started up again. For those 4 seconds she seemed to be inside peace and so was I.
I moved my hands from her head to her stomach and back and forth until I found myself bowing to her
A voice coming from deep within my inner ear was sensing that I would not see her again in this form.
We looked into each other and I thanked her for the life she has lived, I told her that she has made a impact on those around her and that she has been of importance.
I told her it is safe to let go and I touched my forehead to hers and took a breathe.
She looked at me with her treasurable heart as I returned to the front of the house.

A few days later Treasure died.

By now the initial upset and mourning have settled but she was a treasure uncovered and now a treasure once again buried back into the ever lasting universe.


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