There is a crack in everything

Dear Diary,

A few weeks ago I was listening to a man speak and his words penetrated me so that I went upstairs to my room, drew a little picture of my visual experience of his words and here I remember in my words what he said:

Into the stillness of the heart ~There is always dark and light- natural in the super natural and supernatural in the natural. There is not only one heart, you cannot get into the heart if it is not open.
God gives you more if you appreciate what you already have.
Hearts are often closed on a spiritual path/quest and you cant go into the heart if your heart sees those around you as a obstacle to your spirituality.
The way to spirituality is through the heart.
Our search shows us that we don’t believe in our own selves, we don’t accept ourselves, it is only through acceptance that we receive more.
We loose energy around others because we are trying to be them~when we can only be ourselves~ be someone else and you loose your energy.
Whenever our path gets dark we want the light and we get stuck searching for the light. Accept the dark and the light will come. Accept the light and the dark will come again~They are one of the same.
Go into the Stillness of the Heart.
Not the small heart but the cosmical universal heart, Open the heart and more comes in.
Open the still heart and there lies the All, the God you seek.


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